IAmSciComm Twitter Take Over


I recently did another Twitter take over - this time for the @!AmSciComm account. This is a rotating Twitter account for SciCommers run by Crastina and colleagues from SciComm Hub. “SciComm Hub is a community and collection of resources focused on science education, outreach, and communication. The Hub aims to assist students in exploring and finding careers in science communication, to provide a space for students, postdocs, and faculty to interact and network in the context of science communication, and to connect students to relevant resources and opportunities.”

The account has over 20K followers and during my week we discussed everything from putting together your “Elevator Pitch” to the #ethics of science communication. In fact you’ll find a summary of the “Elevator Pitch” discussion in the resources page.

It was a great opportunity to connect with an audience of interested SciCommers, and I highly recommend signing up to do a take over. You can add your details if you want to be considered - here…. and if you’re not following the @!AmSciComm account already, I highly recommend you do!